Building Eco-friendly Walls for Future Generations

The history of the dry stone wall starts before the birth of the written word and its origins probably pre-date the earliest farming methods. However, it was not until the tilling of the land and the annual of harvest of stones from the topsoil, that it really came into its own.
    Over the centuries the art was perfected in number of different cultures, each with its own style suiting the local needs. There are the early Greek terraces, still supporting the olive trees and grape vines first planted 2,500 years ago; the Eketorp fort in Sweden a good example of Iron Age fortifications and everyone is familiar with the impressive stone work at Machu Picchu.
   In these pages you will see some examples and learn a little about the Celtic methods of dry stone (dry stane) walling. These walls are all built by Peter Goodwin who resides in Perthshire, but who is available to build your wall for the ages wherever you might live.

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